An experimental facility for poultry farming has been completed and commissioned, which meets the global standards in terms of technical and technological solutions, very strict welfare requirements, with computer-controlled ambient and feeding conditions with the highest level of biosafety. The facility is intended for testing of various food formulations and poultry feeding systems.


  • Capacity of the facility – 2,300 chicken
  • Housing in units
  • SKOV LPV ventilation system
  • 16 large units with 4 small units in each
  • Capacity of the small unit is 36 chicks
  • Manual feeding
  • Four separate lines for supply with separate medicator
  • Microclimate is regulated by SKOV “in-house” computer

Commercial offer of experiments

  • 1.Measuring of body mass – individual/group
  • 2.Consumption of animal feed at the daily level
  • 3.Conversion
  • 4.Daily yield
  • 5.Mortality
  • 6.Uniformity through calculation of standard deviation (SD) and coefficient of variation (CV)
  • 7.Calculation of European index using the method Koreleski et al. (2010)
  • 8.Testing of bedding
  • 9.Assessment of leg injuries
  • 10.Blood analyses
  • 11.Morphological and histopathological bowel analyses
  • 12.Bowel content analyses
  • 13.Statistical processing of data – Prof. Toby Knowles, University of Bristol, UK


For detailed information on experimental farming please contact us on: info@edufarm.rs



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