Who are we

The company “EduFarm” was created from the need to supplement the production range of the company Patent Co. with experimental complex intended for testing: Product and additives quality, as well as the most cost-friendly feeding system. The goal is to offer farmers verified quality of the product that would allow them to organize highly-productive production as the only possible option in the existing market conditions. Until the commissioning of the center, the company has performed experiments on commercial farms in very variable conditions. The obtained results never managed to fully confirm the actual results. Now, thanks to the newly built and reconstructed facilities, it is possible to carry out precise testing in perfect ambient conditions which represent the basic precondition for quality research.

Apart from its research character, “EduFarm” is designed and built to provide education in the domain of modern pig farming as well. For this purpose, boarding capacities were built proportional to the size of the farm. The curriculum was carefully designed, with primary focus on practical work with the animals. All aspects of modern pig farming are covered: Direct work with animals, through daily routines per production segments, full organizational and economic review of the farm and the analysis of production and economic results.

Our vision

Our vision is to transform the educational complex in Crvenka into a renowned educational institution for training of quality staff, trained to fully independently plan and manage a modern pig farm.

Capacities – Composition of the complex

A pig farm – capacity


sows with the accompanying capacity for fattening

poultry farm


chicken in turnus

poultry farm – capacity


chicken in turnus



ha of arable land



m2 greenhouse and 1 ha raspberry field

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