Oliver Stanković

Oliver Stanković



Born in 1971 In Zaječar

Completed the primary and secondary school of food sciences in Zaječar

Graduated in 1998

From 1998 to 2001 – reproductive selection expert at a pig farm

From 2001 to 2004 – Deputy Managing Director at Agricultural Estate Zaječar

From 2004 to 2006 – Regional Secretary for Agriculture at Regional Chamber of Commerce Zaječar

From 2006 to 2013 – Manager of the estate of the Working Unit Delta Farm Zaječar

From 2013 to 2014 – Manager of the pig farming program within Delta Agrar

From 2014 – Director of EduFarm

During 2007, spent some time in Denmark to attend theoretical and practical advanced training in “Modern pig management” at Bygholm Agricultural Academy.



MODULE OUTCOMES Upon the completion of the module, the candidate can:


Dry and liquid feeding system with advantages and disadvantages. Feed balancing standards. The most frequently used animal feed. Maintenance of breeding capacity. Effect of adequate feeding on production performances

Establish adequate feeding technology in all production segments: mating, gestation, lactation, piglets under the sow, piglet, gilt and fattening pig breeding

T: 4h

P: 8h

Total: 12h


The farm produces F1 superior gilts, so I had the opportunity to learn how to treat such gilts. Apart from the practical part, we have also covered theoretical part where we found out more about calculating the capacity, forming of optimal groups, how to analyze a farm from the economic point of view in terms of incomes and expenses, work with specialized software for data registration which can later be used to analyze data and improve overall results.

Ilija Toljagić

EDUFARM is absolutely perfect. Over a short period of time, I have acquired advance knowledge about feeding, breeding technology and health protection of pigs. Such training it necessary for every person who wishes to engage in animal farming at the high level.

Nemanja Todorović


After only two weeks at the farrowing room, I learnt how to castrate by myself, which will bring progress and savings at our family farm. As soon as I have more time available, I will attend other courses as well.

Sabina Đeri

I came here to learn the practical application, because the theory is one thing, and practice is something completely different. I am very satisfied with the farm, accommodation and the team of lecturers. Over a short period of time, I have learnt many things: From the techniques to discover estrus, to take semen from the boar, preparation of the semen, making of doses... I managed to acquire routine in activities I have never seen during my faculty education.

Miloš Mitić

BSc in animal farming

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